consulting software engineer

We provide independent services to enable you to obtain best value from your investments and your suppliers.

IT Strategy studies
We can assist you to produce a strategy for your IT systems, their introduction, and their development. We assist, as it is your needs and choices which determine the strategy. You need to know what your options are and what the pros and cons are. That is the advice we provide.

e-Commerce strategy
One of the most rapidly changing parts of IT is the InterNet, the World Wide Web and all that is related. This is generally called "e-commerce". We can assist you in this area, and by bringing to bear the strengths of our network of associates, we can field a very powerful team.

requirements analysis and specification
We can help you analyse your system requirements, and draw up a specification on which to base the development of your system.

feasibility studies
There will usually be options when developing a system. We can investigate the alternatives and provide you with the information for you to make an informed decision.

system specification
You will generally need a system specification if you are to seek tenders for system development or if you are proposing in-house development. In either case, we can assist in drawing up a system specification.

project planning
If you have a complex procurement or development, you need to manage the project. We can assist with project planning and project management.

procurement management and tender evaluation
If you are procuring a system, the procurement process needs to be managed so as to identify the best offered solution and the most suitable supplier. We can assist you with this crucial part of the system life cycle. We are familiar with the problems faced by suppliers, and we can help you avoid the pitfalls which arise when you are dealing with outside suppliers for important parts of your operation.

contract negotiation
If necessary, we can assist you with contract negotiation. It is better to avoid problems by having a clear contract, than to negotiate a solution when things have gone wrong.

contractor supervision and project management
After you have placed a contract with a supplier, you need to manage your relationship with him to ensure the success of the development and subsequent operation. We can provide assistance here - for example: reviewing specifications, reviewing and witnessing acceptance tests, and managing changes.

supervision of acceptance tests
It can, often, be difficult to decide whether the supplier has completed properly the development work and has supplied fully all that the contract requires. We can assist in ensuring that acceptance tests are drawn up to check the completeness of the supplies, and in ensuring that these tests are carried out properly. This can't guarantee that the system will be a success, but it greatly increases the likelihood.