If you are unfortunate enough to have a contract go wrong, we can assist in a number of ways.

expert appraisal
We can carry out a review of the project or contract which may then act as the basis for further negotiation.

expert determination
We can provide a binding decision on the matter in dispute. This requires agreement by both parties to the dispute. If the matters to be decided are largely technical, this can be a very cost-effective procedure, as it avoids litigation.

expert witness report
We can provide various services in support of litigation. "Expert witness reports" and similar services can be provided only if ordered by the Court. They will generally be arranged via a solicitor.

We have provided a number of written expert's reports in support of litigation. This work is, in essence, governed by the recent Civil Procedure Rules. Our aim is to provide a report which clearly addresses those matters which are to be addressed, and which is written in non-technical language so far as possible.

Examples of some of the reports we have written are:

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