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We offer the following services.

management systems to meet ISO9000 or TickIT
You may wish to change your management system so that it complies with the ISO9000 standard, or the TickIT standard for software; we can assist you at several levels.

We can provide a full service in which we specify how to document the system, obtain input from your staff, document the system, and subsequently act as your quality systems expert. More commonly, we would provide only a part of that, but the full service can sometimes be attractive. In the limit, we can simply provide a day's consultancy with subsequent review of documentation.

software standards, software reliability, software metrics, software safety
We can provide advice in these areas to meet the needs of software developers. This can overlap with work on software quality management, but is offered where there are more specific requirements to meet.

training of auditors
We can provide auditor training, either direct or via our network of associates.

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